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Sample Questions Exam1 - Sample Questions Exam 1 The...

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Sample Questions – Exam 1 The following questions are examples of the types of multiple choice questions that I have used in past exams. None of these questions will knowingly appear on your exam; I provide them only as examples. [NOTE: Exam 1 will include only those topics that have been covered in class by the end of Monday, 28 January. Questions below include topics through Chapter 4 (Extended Mendelian Inheritance) – we may not have covered all of these topics by the end of Monday’s lecture.] 1. Which of the following is the most accurate representation of the organization levels of the genetic information in cells beginning with the 'simplest'? a) genes -> DNA -> chromosomes -> genome b) genome -> genes -> DNA -> chromosomes c) chromosomes -> genes -> DNA -> genome d) DNA -> genes -> chromosomes -> genome e) None of the above is a correct answer. 2. At metaphase of the cell cycle, a replicated eukaryotic chromosome consists of: a) two sister chromatids, joined through kinetochore proteins b) two double-stranded DNA molecules c) four double-stranded DNA molecules d) (a) and (b) are correct answers e) (a) and (c) are correct answers 3. In humans, a term(s) that would correctly describe chromosome 6 and chromosome 10 is (are): a) homologous b) nonhomologous c) heterozygous d) autosomes e) Two or more of the above
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Sample Questions Exam1 - Sample Questions Exam 1 The...

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