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Chapter 3 (partial) – Reproduction and Chromosome Transmission I. Overview of cells A. Prokaryotic cell structure [Fig. 3.1] 1. Generally, one covalently closed, circular chromosome located in nucleoid region - some bacteria have multiple unique chromosomes (e.g., Vibrio cholerae has 2) - some bacteria have a linear chromosome (e.g., Borrelia burgdorferi ) - but seldom does a prokaryote have more than one copy of each gene; i.e., genotype = haploid 2. Asexual reproduction by binary fission [Fig. 3.4] B. Eukaryotic cell structure [Fig 3.1] 1. Somatic cell vs. germ cell (gametes) C. Eukaryotic chromosomes] 1. Haploid vs. diploid 2. Classification of chromosomes based on centromere location [Fig. 8.1] 3. Homologous vs. nonhomologous chromosomes [Fig. 3.3] 4. Karyotype analysis of metaphase chromosomes [Figs. 3.2, 3.6] II. Eukaryotic reproduction [Fig. 3.5] A. Somatic cell cycle [Fig. 3.1] 1. Interphase = G1, S, G2 2. Mitosis and cell division B. Mitosis in somatic cells [Figs. 3.7, 3.8, 3.9]
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BrookerChp3M_Chromosomes - Chapter 3 (partial) Reproduction...

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