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BrookerChp3M_SexChromosomes - Drosophila Follow inheritance...

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Chapter 3 (partial) – Chromosome Inheritance and Sex I. Review Mendel’s ‘Laws’ within context of chromosome behavior during meiosis A. Law of Segregation [Fig. 3.16] B. Law of Independent Assortment [Fig. 3.17] II. Evidence supporting chromosome theory of inheritance A. Sex differences correlate w/ presence of sex chromosome(s) [Fig. 3.18] B. Thomas Hunt Morgan &
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Unformatted text preview: Drosophila : Follow inheritance of white-eye phenotype, originating in mutant male fly [Exp. 3A] 1. Sex linked genes 2. Hemizygous genotype 3. Crisscross inheritance 4. Significance of results in reciprocal cross III. Study Suggestions A. Solved problems: S5 B. Conceptual Questions: C24, C29 – C37 C. Experimental Questions: E3, E4, E14...
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