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Chapter 5 – Linkage and Mapping in Eukaryotes I. Linkage, crossing over, genetic recombination A. 1 chromosome = 1 linkage group B. Crossing over [prophase I, meiosis] may produce recombinant chromosomes/phenotypes [Fig. 5.1] C. Experimental observations and conclusions 1. Bateson & Punnett [Fig. 5.2] 2. T. H. Morgan [Figs. 5.3, 5.4] 3. Creighton & McClintock [Figs. 5.5, 5.6] D. Linkage vs. Independent Assortment – chi square analysis [pgs. 34-36, 106- 107] E. Mitotic recombination – a very rare event [Fig. 5.7]
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Unformatted text preview: II. Genetic mapping in eukaryotes – historical approach A. Genetic linkage map [Fig. 5.8] B. Recombination frequency predicts distance between genes 1. Use of testcross [Fig. 5.9] 2. Map distance conventions C. Sturtevant’s map of X chromosome in Drosophila [Fig. 5.10] D. Use of trihybrid crosses 1. Single vs. double crossover events 2. Interference III. Study Suggestions A. Solved problems: S1 – S3, S5 B. Conceptual problems: C1 – C6, C9 – C12, C15 C. Experimental problems: E4, E5, E11 – E16, E21, E24...
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