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Chapter 6 - Genetic transfer & mapping in bacteria and bacteriophages I. Overview of bacterial genetics A. Bacterial genome – chromosome, plasmids B. Binary fission – asexual replication C. Bacteria / bacteriophages as genetic models D. Replica plating II. Horizontal gene transfer and mapping in bacteria A. Transformation [Fig. 6.12] 1. Observations by Frederick Griffith [Fig. 9.2, pg. 229] 2. Mapping using ‘artificial’ transformation B. Transduction 1. Bacteriophage replication [Fig. 6.9] 2. Generalized transduction [Fig. 6.10] vs. Specialized transduction 3. Mapping using (generalized) cotransduction [Fig. 6.11] C. Conjugation 1. Experiment of Lederberg & Tatum [Fig. 6.1] 2. Davis’ U-tube experiment [Fig. 6.2]
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Fertility (F) factor [Fig. 6.3] - conjugative plasmids - F-, F + , F’, Hfr cells 4. Transfer of F factor [Fig. 6.4] 5. Transfer of chromosomal DNA [Fig. 6.5] 6. Mapping using interrupted mating during conjugation [Exp 6A, Fig. 6.6] III. Intra genic (fine structure) mapping in bacteriophage A. S. Benzer and lytic T phages 1. Plaque assays [Fig. 6.14] 2. Rapid lysis ( rII ) mutants [Fig. 6.15] B. Complementation testing [Fig. 6.16] C. Intragenic mapping by recombinational analysis [Figs. 6.17, 6.18] D. Deletion mapping within a gene [Fig. 6.19] IV. Study suggestions A. Solved problems: S1 -> S5 B. Conceptual questions: C1 -> C6, C8 -> C11, C13 -> C19 C. Experimental questions: E2, E5 -> E8, E10, E14, E15, E20...
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