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Chapter 12 – Gene Transcription & RNA Modification I. Overview of transcription (synthesis of any/all ssRNA) - first step in gene expression [Fig. 12.1] A. Gene as transcriptional unit 1. Promoter 2. Transcribed sequence 3. Terminator B. Stages of transcription: initiation, elongation, termination [Fig. 12.2] C. Types and functions of various RNA transcripts [Table 12.1] 1. “Major” classes involved in protein synthesis: mRNA, tRNA, rRNA 2. Other small RNAs: those listed + small, non-coding RNAs II. Transcription in bacteria (prokaryotic cells) A. Promoter sequences first identified in bacteria [Figs. 12.3, 12.4] 1. Consensus sequences 2. -35 region 3. -10 region ( Pribnow box ) B. RNA polymerase holoenzyme (core + sigma factor) 1. Sigma factor = transcription factor [Fig. 12.5] 2. Initiation [Fig. 12.6] C. Elongation [Figs. 12.6, 12.7] 1. Double-stranded DNA: Template / noncoding strand vs. coding strand 2. 5’ -> 3’ polymerization of complimentary RNA 3. A RNA T DNA /U RNA A DNA
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BrookerChp12_GeneTranscription - Chapter 12 Gene...

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