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Chapter 14 – Gene Regulation in Bacteria [i.e., Prokaryotic systems] I. Categories of expressed genes A. Constitutive genes – ‘always’ transcribed/translated 1. tRNAs, rRNAs 2. Selected metabolic enzymes, e.g. glycolysis pathway B. Regulated genes 1. Selected metabolic genes 2. Environmental response 3. Cell division C. Levels of regulation [Fig. 14.1] 1. Transcription 2. Translation 3. Post-translation II. General vocabulary for transcriptional regulation [Fig. 14.2] A. Negative control repressor (regulatory protein) blocks transcription; repressor must be ‘displaced’ B. Positive control activator (regulatory protein) must be present to stimulate transcription C. Effector molecules – bind to regulatory proteins 1. Inducer binds repressor, increasing transcription of inducible gene 2. Corepressor binds repressor, decreasing transcription of repressible gene 3. Inducer binds activator, inducing transcription of inducible gene 4. Inhibitor binds activator, decreasing repressible gene. III.
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BrookerChp14_ProkaryoticRegulation - Chapter 14 Gene...

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