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Chapter 15 – Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes I. Overview of eukaryotic gene regulation “options” [Fig. 15.1] II. Regulatory transcription factors A. Overview [Fig. 15.2] 1. Gene activation: Activator proteins and enhancer sequences 2. Gene repression: Repressor proteins and silencer sequences B. Structural features of transcription factors (domains, motifs) [Fig. 15.3] 1. Helix-turn-helix 2. Helix-loop-helix 3. Zinc finger 4. Leucine zipper 5. Role of dimerization – homodimer vs. heterodimer C. Response elements within DNA: enhancers and silencers 1. Function in cis 2. Many are orientation independent and/or bidirectional D. Most eukaryotic transcription factors bind to proteins other than RNA polymerase [Fig. 15.4] 1. TFIID 2. Mediator E. Examples of regulatory transcription factor function [Fig. 15.5] 1. Binding an effector molecule steroid hormone – glucocorticoid receptor [Fig. 15.6] 2. Protein – protein interactions, covalent modification CREB protein [Fig. 15.7] III. Various changes in chromatin structure can alter gene expression [Table 15.1]
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BrookerChp15_EukaryoticRegulation - Chapter 15 Gene...

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