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Chapter 16/17 – Gene Mutation and DNA Repair I. Vocabulary of mutation [heritable change in genotype (genetic material) that may or may not result in phenotypic change] A. Types of sequence mutations 1. Point mutation by nucleotide base substitution Transition vs. transversion 2. Additions or deletions B. Consequences of mutation [Table 16.1] 1. Silent 2. Missense // neutral [Fig. 16.1] 3. Nonsense 4. Frameshift C. Mutation descriptions of phenotypic effect in protein-coding gene relative to wild-type 1. Forward mutation and reverse mutation 2. Variant 3. Deleterious mutation and lethal mutation 4. Beneficial mutation 5. Conditional mutation (frequently temperature sensitive response) 6. Second site suppressor mutations (intragenic, intergenic) D. Consequences of mutations in non-coding sequences [Table 16.2] 1. “Up” and “down” mutations E. Chromosomal structural changes have positional effects [Fig. 16.2] 1. Deletions, duplications [Figs. 8.2, 8.5] 2. Inversion of sequences within same chromosome [Fig. 16.2]
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BrookerChp16,17_GeneMutationRepair - Chapter 16/17 Gene...

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