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Full Name: EID: Total points 10 BIO 325 GENETICS: Quiz # 6 (Wednesday February 27 2008) 1. Fill in the blanks: 2 POINTS a. Plaques are the ________________ colonies. b. Bacterial chromosomes are mapped in _____________ (unit). c. Lysis and lysogeny refer to the replication of __________________ (organism/entity). d. In transduction the ____________DNA is transferred to another host bacterial DNA. 2. True or False: 2 POINTS a. An auxotroph bacterium represents the wildtype and can synthesize all the essential nutrients for its survival. b. A plasmid is the free-floating viral DNA in an infected bacterium.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Bacteriophage is the bacteria that infect a virus. d. Linkage group refers to the two linked genes on a chromosome. 3. Explain the following terms or give their formulas : : 2 POINTS a. Interference : b. Coefficient of coincidence: 4. Differentiate between the Lytic and Lysogenic mode of replication . 2 POINTS 5. Calculate recombination frequency between the genes that are present at following distances apart: 2 POINTS a. 42.5 map units b. 10 centimorgan...
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