Worksheet 10 - translation 7 Write functions of following...

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BIO 325 GENETICS: Worksheet # 10 (Wednesday, April 2 2008) 1. For the following strand of dsDNA, write the sequence of its : a. mRNA b. tRNA anticodons 2. Which part of an amino acid confers its chemical nature? 3. Write different functions of protein. 4. Structure of a protein is explained by several levels of folding. Explain. 5. Give functions for the following parts of a tRNA: a. 3’ end: b. Anticodon loop 6. True or False (Give reasons): a. tRNA-synthetases are shared by different tRNAs. b. Multiple codons can code for a single amino acid. c. Like DNA replication and transcription, mRNA translation is also carried out in 5’ to 3’ direction.
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d. A consensus sequence defined by Kozak rule is involved in initiation of eukaryotic
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Unformatted text preview: translation. 7. Write functions of following rRNA during prokaryotic translation: a. 16S b. 23S 8. Why do UAA, UAG and UGA act as stop codons? What are release factors? 9. What are three main modifications that eukaryotic pre-mRNA undergoes? 10. What are the consensus sequences found in prokaryotic and eukaryotic promoter elements? 11. A newly synthesized mRNA is hybridized to its parent DNA and the hybrid complex is observed as following under a microscope. What would be your explanation for such result? 12. Differentiate between the following terms: a. Constitutive and Regulated gene expression b. Trancriptional activators and repressors c. Positive and negative regulation of gene expression mRNA DNA...
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Worksheet 10 - translation 7 Write functions of following...

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