Compare and Contrast - Owen Dresser English 15 Compare and...

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Owen Dresser English 15 Compare and Contrast Shop Online or at the Mall? College students these days take malls for granted, despite the fact that 100 years ago malls as we know them didn’t exist. Market Square, arguably the first mall, opened in 1916 in Chicago. It had offices, apartments, and 28 stores. Since then, malls have become much more than just stores; some built with amusement parks, hotels, zoos, miniature golf courses, lakes, and other forms of entertainment. We have never lived in a world without malls, but we did grow up in the early days of the Internet boom as online shopping exploded into a $125 billion industry. We grew up tech-savvy, knowing more about computers and the Internet than most of our parents. We also grew up in a time where obesity dramatically grew to where about half of Americans are over-weight. Coincidence? I think not. Going to the mall isn’t just about buying things; it’s an adventure into an unknown world, with twists and turns and wonderful surprises everywhere you look. You may go to the mall to buy a book and leave with the book and a vacuum. Maybe you go to the mall looking for a sweater and find one you like more that’s cheaper. These things don’t happen when shopping online. Shopping online is laziness at its finest, up there with the robotic vacuum cleaner and drive-thru windows. Buying things at the mall gives you instant gratification. If you know what you want, you walk in, look at it closely and make sure it’s what you want, and get a chance to try it on. You might walk by a store and see something you didn’t realize you needed
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but can’t leave without. And there’s no shipping charge! Shopping online forces you to
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Compare and Contrast - Owen Dresser English 15 Compare and...

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