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Module 4 Team Project SECTION 1 – MATT ALONGI One of the communications problems associated with the Nintendo Wii is actually reaching its target audience of the “household consumer”. Nintendo is attempting to branch off the hardcore-gamer market and into the atmosphere of people’s everyday lives. Because this has never really been done in recent times, Nintendo needs to do more in terms of showing consumers that this product will benefit them. The Wii has a low- price, an original concept and a top market share along with another Nintendo product, the DS handheld system. In order to reach their target market, Nintendo needs to advertise on an intimate level with household consumers, making their product appealing
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Unformatted text preview: and accessible, and airing commercials on channels that are more likely to be viewed by family audiences. Although Wii may not need to worry about increasing sales at this point, it needs to focus on attracting itself to its intended market. Another communications problem is third-party support for the system. How can Wii extend its popularity beyond old-school Nintendo fans? The answer is simple; find a way to attract third-party developers, and create titles that are not only Wii-exclusive, but show consumers that there’s more to Nintendo than Mario, Luigi, and a revolutionary controller....
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