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Matt Alongi Module 6 – Part 1 For the medium of this project, we are going to choose television advertising. We are going to break our commercials into three segments, each relating towards different age groups (8-16, 17-25, and adult, respectively), and air these on the appropriate networks and shows, which will be discussed later on. However, since many people already own the Wii, our goal is to increase sales, which can be difficult at this stage of a product’s life. In order to do this, we are going to use an approach that has rarely been used in this industry. Since anxiety advertisements (also known as the P&G approach) are successful
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Unformatted text preview: for health and beauty products that have become a necessity in American culture, we have decided to incorporate this approach with the Nintendo Wii brand. By doing this, we will beg the question: “Everybody has a Wii…why don’t you?”. After six months, the Nintendo Wii still has consumers going crazy, with lines continuing to pile up outside stores with known availability. We think that by creating a sense of anxiety, we can target the remaining consumers by making them feel left out, deprived and in need of our revolutionary brand....
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