Conductimetric Titration

Conductimetric Titration - d. After drying the crucible, it...

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1. Theory The amount of Ba(OH)2 is to be determined by collecting the BaSO+ precipitate and calculating its weight, by performing the following chemical reaction: Ba(OH)z + Hz SO+ ) BaSO+ + HzO 2. Steps 11 ' a. The volume of H2 SOa drops will be calibrated by a Drop Counter and by using a graduated cylinder to collect the substance. b. For the titration, a Conductivity Sensor shall be inserted in the Ba(OH)2 solution, along with a magnetic stirrer to monitor conductivity. The titration will be conducted by Logger Pro. c. The titrated solution should then be put to boil. After boiling, the BaSOr solid shall be filtered from the liquid to be transferred to the crucible. The crucible is then to be kept on ,,. the vacuuni apparatus. Crucible plus precipitate shall then be placed in the drying oven
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Unformatted text preview: d. After drying the crucible, it should be taken out and put in a desicooler to cool. Once cool, the weight and mass of BaSO+ should be determined, thus calculating the original concentration of the Ba(OH)2 solution. .\, t ' Cond ucti metric Titration i Linear Fit For: Latest:Conductivity j y=mx+b i m(Sfope): -1 268 pS/cm/mL b(Y-lntercept): 1,928E+004 pS/cm l Conelation:-0.9911 ll--;t I I Volume:0.50 mL I j Conductivity: 17633.3 pS/cm ' Equivalence Point from Titration (mL) Molarity of Hz SO+ solution Moles of barium from Titration (mol) Volume of original Ba(OH)2 soln (mL) Conc. Of Ba(OH)2 from titration (M) Mass of Crucible and precipitate (g) Mass of Crucible (g) Masqof Precipitate (g) Conc. Of Ba(OH)z from gravimetric (M) 't, \ DATA AND CALCULATIONS 74.45 mL 0.100 M 0.00145 mol l0 mL 0.t44s 16.190 g 15.826 g 0.363 g 0.1555 M M...
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Conductimetric Titration - d. After drying the crucible, it...

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