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Unformatted text preview:ENGR 362, Section 02, make-up for Quiz #2 .43 Fall Semester 2013 Attention: The School of Engineering Honor Code is to be obeyed while taking this test. Failure to do so can result in the student's appearance before the Honor Council. By signing your name on this page, you (the student) affirm that you understand that you are to do your own work on this test. Name (Pri - Signature 1 NOTICE: This test is a closed-book, closed-notes test. 1. Use the principle of superposition to determine the value of the voltage Vx denoted in the circuit diagram below. 2' Consider the circuit diagram shown below. Find the value ofthe voltage Va by applying successwe source transformations until you have a circuit Ifi'st'fwo nodes- 600.11 § 3. Determine the Norton equivalent for the network 33%|: ,4" . 'W n. / /} 1011. t J V 3 I \_ M. c I; 4. (a) Detenmne the value of load resistance in the network below that V/,.-' power. (b) What is that value of power? 1 v 72. V ~_\ iv / l P' " éJl. MM ' below. -—-.-——-—v e -w'! INIPORTANT NOTE: Work either Problem 6 or Problem 7, but not both problems. Write the word OMIT next to the problem that you do not work. 6. Determine the equivalent capacitance C e 4 between terminals (1 — b of the capacitive network shown below. ON T T 7- Suppose that the inductor shown below is connected to a circuit and has current i (t) = 10cos(5m)A flOWing through it. Determine the value of the voltage v(t) at time t = 03S . "ml x '3; H l" x (a :7 m E'* is u b) 1'7 Pk V 1: 8. Suppose that the capacitor shown below is connected to a circuit and has a voltage VU) = IOCos(27zt)volts / across it. Determine the value of the current i(t) at time t = 0.255 given that 1 - » . . t C —— ——207I Farads. a .'_ : 01' Cl er I I'Oblem 9 0f PI'OblC W . 1 . \«VOI'd I' neXt to th I 1 t t r . In , but not both pI'OblCmS rite the uations for the after writing the ded to solve the of the 9. Sele remaingganfsitsenge node on the following circuit diagram and write nodal eq equation for each no: noiilmphfy the equations. That is, do not collect terms Circuit (same numb 6. ake' sure that you have given all of the equations nee a to . er of equations as unknowns). Also, write an expression in terms pp prlate node voltages for the voltage designated as VA on the diagram. __—'—-—-—————1 ' l l l l 10. Assign all necessary mesh currents in the circuit diagram shown below to obtaindlezltléiiltlons for solving the circuit. This circuit diagram is the same as the diagram for the 1mm6 Y . . . . - u have preceding problem. Do not Simplify or collect terms 1n the equatlons. Make sufighjezl': cm / as many equations as mflmownsrAlsmwritgawggrgressiongn terms of aPPIOPn for the current designated as I '