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Unformatted text preview: Print Test Page 1 of 10 Pnnt Test Page 2 of 10 1 PRINTABLE VERSION 7 20x) —“cosh(2 x)+ C Final Exam d! “42) 2 You scored 70 out of 300 c; 7x- 2 coshm rHU ‘. - I . CNN!!!" 0 None ot the ahmc Your answer rs (ORREI' l' Question 3 (in e an e nation for the tan chl [the to the ,m h of V . A. r s s, . q 5 5 p (,5 fl \1 our answer is IN( ()RRM l, grx12h1r2x+11A4e ‘ ‘ ut the point “here x : 0 Ute tunctron '4 rm : 7x ‘ + r a) y: 15 X i '7 has an inverse Notlce that ft—l) 7 2 Find the demalne nt‘the anCl’SC oft'at 2 ht y : 13 Jr A ‘i i a) 3 0 T] ,r r 3 b) 1 d’ y: 14 X ~ 4 1 c, z 11 x — 2 I c) 3 f) \lone at the show d) 3 Question 2 e) ’3 Your answer r.~('(>RRi'('l (‘nmpute f) None ofthe abme [ Question 4 r Your answer is IN("(‘)RR12("1‘ GIVC an equation for the tangent [me to the graph given paramemealh b} 1J7” 1 [x4034coswrwlxytz}:1+4:] 7“ +gmshafl+c at the pomt(-4_ l ) a) . , at \ = 2 gr — )7 7ro<h(2xj+F m , , b) >:2x—6 “17M 6, i=2r—2 _ j +2cosht2xkt+C u ' q - d) } = - ‘r + ' https r/wvwv easa uh edu/(‘nurseWare/Root"UsersStudents/PrmtTest htm 5/18/2007 https //www casa uh edu/CourseWare/Rom/UsersStudents/PnntTest htm 5/18/2007 Prmt1 est Page 3 of 10 Prlnt Test Page 4 of10 c) t 7 b) converges absolutely {) None ofthe :thm e c) dxverges . v < 0"“"0" ‘ m None of the above Your ans'uer rs (‘URRLC‘T Question 7 Com ut' , . , 7‘ t s, . p ‘ \r our answer 13 1M ()RRM r '7 V X 4 dz Detennine whether the foilomng series converges absolute!) . converges conditionalhe or dn erges , co 1F+x v [ 2H)” ] “‘ \(n+4)1n(n+4)l )2 = 0 at a) canverges condznrmally b) converges absofulei’y h) 0 diverges (1) None of the aboxe 0 Question 8 7 ’4 12‘ Your answer is CORRECT. ’ (Hunt ” + C ‘ d) r ( ompute x5 n) e ' 2 \ hm I 1 + v i x k K , -_:an.tan +C' flaw e) A \ 0 None nt‘the uhm e 15 at P Question 6 V s s, s 5‘ ‘1 DUI :mmer 15 ( ()RRM I [J 3 Determine \\hether the follou mg series cum urges absoluter com erges conditions”). or dnerges b) 9 m r ‘i v 5 )2 (.1 a” l c) does not was; x1:UA\/4n +irn+22 a) rnnvsrger: madmzonahfy Imps "'www easa uh edu/(‘ourseWure/Root/lJsersStudents/PnntTest htm 5/18/2007 https //www casa uh edu/CourseWare/Rom/UsersStudents/PnntTest htm 5/18/2007 l’i int Test cl 1') l\one ot‘tlie :ihmc Question 9 Your answer l.\‘ ("URRL'CT (inc an equation relating r and 71 for the cune gl‘ en parainetrieall) b\ [116) = —2 +3costt).y(t) :1 +4siiitt)] 1 'v 1 f» — 5+2 “+— vl “:1 16 (x ) 9 (y ) a) 1 2 1 7‘ 7 '—2 i 1'-1 91x 1 +16 0+ ) bl 1 2 l 2 i .—2 7r +1 =1 16 (r 1 +9 \y 1 r) 1 2 1 2 — ‘72 — 71 :1 90 ) +160 ) d) 1 '1 1 o ~ +2 “ 7 -—1 ‘~1 90C ) +160 ) e) {1 Mme u; l/lu uhnw Question 10 Your ans“ er is (‘t )RRM‘ l' (‘om piitc https 'www casa uh edit/(‘oiirseWare/Root"UsersStudents/PrintTest htin Page 5 of lt) SHE/2007 Print Test Page 6 of It) 2 a) 0 N 7 l t) 4 d) 5 e) 1') None ofthe above Question 1| Your answer is CORRECT. Problem Code: 1153. Show all ofiour “ork on the ans\\er sheet pro\ ided Part it: Give the dem atch ofthe pon er series m Y1 ‘a‘ 2nx ,;“;’g2n +1 Part b: Gite the antrderivatite [Vot‘ihe pouer series above, so that 17(0) : t) a) I have placed in) \\ ork and the aiisner on in} ansner sheet along \\ith the problem code b) luant to lose points for not uorking on this problem Question 12 Your answer ts CORRECT Problem Code: 1264‘ 5110“ all ofy‘our work on the ansncr sheet prm ided Compute the improper integral Be sure to use proper limit notation a) [have placed m} uork and the ansner on m\ aiisiter sheet along \\itli the problem code https //www,casa uh edu/CourseW3re/Ront/UsersStudentS/'PrintTest htm 5/18/2007 l’rint Test h) I “nut to lose pottits {or not \\orking 0L this problem Question 1.1 Your ansv. or is INCORRECT Work this problem on your answer sheet and record the Code Number: 1342. Use trigonometric substitution to compute 'tir a) 1 [so not 1mm arm'irfor mu prabimz: b) Page 7 of 10 3 have Mama” 131.? work my! Olmt‘é‘l‘ :2); 13m asmt‘ev sheet and msorded the mole aermberjbr the problem. Question 14 Your answer is ("t'lRRliC’l' Work this problem on your answer sheet and record the (‘ode Number: 1453‘ (‘oinpiite «'9 rim-1m 1537 n (-3241; (1721: marine»- (us we manta ,zimm mm" m. b) I (in nor was! cimz’itfor that praiulem Question 15 ‘1 our :uisv» er is (‘ORRliC'l' (,1 ri’w code mm 'Dt’t‘jb?‘ the pron/gm. This is a \xorkout question Place )our \\orl« and )our ansners on )our ansner sheet The work on your scratch paper will NOT be graded. The Code Number is 1562‘ a) ldeiitit‘} the indeterminani tonn ot'tlie limit 1 l 2 Em; (C05 (30) U ' x40 littps 'U’www casa uh edu/CourseWare/Root/UsersStiidentslPrintTest htm 5/ l 8/2007 Print Test Page 8 of It) (i v. (i e no or 1 i b) Rcunte the limit ifneeessan. and then use L'Hopital's mile to etalualc the limit Shoo all of your \\ ork c) Use logarithmic differentiation to find the denvative of ll 17(1) = (cos(x) ) [‘2 a) l have placed in} \\ ork and 111} ansiwr on m} 3115\VCI' sheet h) I do not want credit for this problem Question 16 Your answer is CORle 1‘ Code Number: 16l0. Please place this code number on your ansuer sheet Compute f4 X ros(ix)dx a) l have placed my solution on the ansuer sheet by I do not “ant credit for this question Question 17 Your answer is CORRECT. This is a workout question Place )our nork and \our ansuers on tour ansuer sheet The work on your scratch paper will NOT be graded, The Code Number is 1741. Give formula involvmg one or more integrals for the area inside the inner loop for the polar cune rrl 72mm) 8 Your solution must include the values of that generate this portion of the polar eun e You do not have to compute the integrals. The plot of the polar curve is given belou https // uh edulCourseWare/'Root/UsersStudents/PrintTest htm 5/ l 8/2007 l’rmt Test Page 9 of 10 a) I hm C placed m} “ark and uh ausncr on m} nns\\cr sheet h) ldo not “ant crcdtt for tlns problum Questinn lS \"nur ‘(muW‘cl' [S (‘()RRl:("l'. 'llns Is a \\nrknut question Place \onr uork and )our ans“ crs on \our ansncr sheet The work on your scratch paper will NOT be graded‘ The Code Number is 1862. Determine “Itcthcr the tollomng SCI’ICS comcrucs or dn urges (tel 71(2) Slmu all 0f}0llr “ark Also. gn C an mplanatton ofthc last that } on use and describe ho“ It IS upphcd to an arbitrzm scncs ofthc fmm a) I ha\ a placed In} \\(7I’l\ and m\ :msucr or n\\ ansuer shch https waw casa uh edu/(‘uurseWare/Root/UsersStudents/PnntTest htm i/l 8/2007 Prlnt Test Page l0 of [0 b) I do nut want crcdn {or [his problem Question l9 Your answer IS (“ORRH‘lI Problem Code: 1922, She“ all ofyour “orlt on tht: ansncr shcct pr0\ Idcd Make sure you read this problem carefully! Lct fix] =cos(x) Use the Lagrange formula to find the smallest \nlnc ofn so that the 51‘“ degree Tm lor polytomtal for! centered at x =()appro‘<1matcs/at.r': 1 \\1th an error ot‘no more that U (ml at l have placed m} \\ ork and the ansucr on In) answer shcct along \\|th the problem code b) I “am to lose pomts for nut \\()ll\lng on Il’IlS problem Question 20 YDUI' answer lS CORRL The Code Number for tlns problem IS 2064 Place all of your \\ ork on your ansncr sheet (in c the mdtus ot‘convcrgcncc and thc nttcn ul of comcrgcncc for the pomzr sums ‘5 @2535] kzox Sho“ all of3our “ark [have placed my work m the answer sheet. a) [do not want credtlfor zhzs problem b) https //www casa uh edu/CourseWare/Root/UsersStudents/Pr:ntTest htm 5/18/2007 ...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course MATH 1432 taught by Professor Morgan during the Spring '08 term at University of Houston.

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final_v1 - Print Test Page 1 of 10 Pnnt Test Page 2 of 10 1...

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