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psy101_paper 4 - about remembering some syllables But I am...

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Psy101 #4 3-28-08 The serial position affect has to do with your ability to remember things. If we are given a long list of numbers or items to remember at a fast pace we can rarely remember all the numbers. According to the serial position affect we seem to remember clearer the beginning numbers and the end numbers. We often forget the details in the middle. In my experiment I chose to try the test on some of my family members. I chose my Mom, Brother, Sister, and my little cousin. Although they were all pretty confident they could remember the list of syllables in perfect order, the test quickly proved otherwise. Each subject was different, some remembered more and others remembered less. My mom and sister did the best only leaving out the syllables bik, nur, and gis. My brother on the other hand could only remember the first two and the last two! I think it also has to do with the importance of the thing we are trying to memorize. I’m sure my brother could have cared less
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Unformatted text preview: about remembering some syllables. But I am sure he could remember two girls’ phone numbers without any problems. The results that I came up with in my test were about exactly what I predicted. As students we often find ourselves using the method of massed practice to study for tests and other exams. Massed practice is the same thing as cramming. It is one big block of information and is not broken into smaller bits of information. This is not a good way to study and it is harder for the memory to recall. Distributed practice on the other hand is a much better and smarter way to study. By breaking things into smaller sections and spreading it out over time our memory is more likely to recall this information. Students could improve grades just by not procrastinating, and studying smaller blocks of information over longer periods of time...
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psy101_paper 4 - about remembering some syllables But I am...

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