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movie essay 1 - Essay #1 The movie "Sin City" is...

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Essay #1 The movie “Sin City” is based on the graphic novel (with the same name) by Frank Miller and directed by Robert Rodriguez along with special guest director and close friend of Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino. Sin City brings you through the “gangster” lifestyle showing the different aspects through the eyes of the cops and heroes as well as the thugs and gangsters that live in this crime infested corrupt town. It does so through the interesting characters, the style of filming, compelling story lines, and the different style almost narrating the movie at points, and having the story broken into almost chapters then tying them together at a certain point. The “gangster” theme in movies has a wide variety of options when being made such as whose point of view they will tell the story from. Sin City tells you almost three stories that tie into each other and each story is from a different point of view. You start off with Detective Hartigan, a soon to be a retired cop, trying to tie up one last loose end. Then you have Marv, a thug on the outside but with good intentions on the inside, seeking revenge on the one who kills the only person that understood and accepted him. Next you have Dwight, an average man that can become a hero in certain dangerous situations. All these characters possess the hero character trait which is crucial to any movie in this genre. On the other hand you also need a villain or anti-hero to have a hero. Now the villain might not be the person you always think it would be like a drug lord, mafia boss, etc. Sin City shows this to the fullest with characters like Senator Rourke, Sin City’s most powerful man. Detective Jack Rafferty, a hero cop praised by the community during they day, but an alcoholic abusive man during the night is a character just looking for trouble. Even a priest named Patrick Henry Rourke is made a villain in
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this film doing things that are unheard of for a person in his sacred position. The setting of Sin City ties in with all these characters. The movie is in all black and white which gives you this dark and gloomy feeling
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movie essay 1 - Essay #1 The movie "Sin City" is...

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