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sparkling bitch - Pathos in the Readings "The Sparkling...

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Pathos in the Readings “The Sparkling Bitch” and “The House on Mango Street” were very similar in their views on poverty and capitalism, though there are more signs in one of the stories than the other. The authors of both these stories want the reader to learn about poverty and capitalism and they accomplish this using pathos in the very effective way of using words to make the reader feel emotional while reading the story. Both authors make a strong argument about poverty and capitalism. The author in “The Sparkling Bitch” is trying to teach the reader the seriousness of poverty and capitalism. In the beginning when Charles Hay and his wife are in Africa, Mrs. Hay sees a young African boy who in the book he is described as: “clearly a victim of starvation his thin black limbs were crossed and sharply folded like those of a spider playing dead.”(Melville. 373) This is a clear example of what the author was trying to get out to the reader. The way that she describes the little boy makes the reader feel bad for the boy and is a form of pathos which uses emotion to hook in the reader. This example is showing how the author is trying to relay this message which is very effective she adds these little lines that make a hard impact. This is backing up the message of the author, it describes what this boy looks like from a result of living in this African nation. She effectively got her point through to the reader using this technique on multiple
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sparkling bitch - Pathos in the Readings "The Sparkling...

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