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article review - 2 Creating a sports venue is a long, time...

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2 Creating a sports venue is a long, time consuming process. There are years of planning that are involved in the creation, whether it is a professional stadium or a recreational park for kids. There is a difference in the way you start one of these up, but there are also a lot similarities in what you need to do to have a successful facility for sports and recreation. Most plans have to go through the city so that they are aware of the situation you have so they can support it with funding or ideas. Many have success with creating a venue but there are many problems that can also occur. The article “A League of Her Own” highlights some of the things that Janet Smith is doing to change Fenway Park into a more fan friendly stadium. She was the designer of the popular Camden Yards in Baltimore, home of the Baltimore Orioles. She was the creator of the popular monster seats that are still a hot ticket and also was in charge of creating Yawkey Way which is a popular part of Fenway park and is similar to the way Camden yards has a closed street to add to the park atmosphere. Fenway being one of the more difficult parks to change due to it being not only the smallest park in the MLB but also the oldest park. It is very hard do to Fenway being in a neighborhood environment. However the improvements she has made are getting great reviews from the Red Sox fans. The article entitled “Red Sox Look to Add Up to 2000 Seats” ties right into the work of Janet Smith, considering she is in charge of the new additions to the stadium. With the growing popularity of the Red Sox comes with the demand for more seats at the
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article review - 2 Creating a sports venue is a long, time...

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