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Study Questions for Babcock Place Group 18 Jenny Friedman, Kristina Wang, Yuliya Tipograf, Claudia Castelino, Fina Jervi 1. The residents of Babcock Place want the government to provide safety measures that allow for more convenient access to the facilities across the street from their residence. The government could install yield to pedestrian signs, crosswalk lights (with a button), stoplights, a pedestrian bridge, and crosswalk paint to provide the senior citizens with safer methods of crossing the street. These methods are essentially ways of efficiently stopping traffic and allowing smoother and safer pedestrian crossings. 2. As residents of Babcock Place, we feel that having crosswalk lines would alert cars that they should be more careful and attentive, and therefore make the intersection actually safer not just appear safer. Drivers will abide by the traffic laws and will stop if they see a red light or a yield to pedestrians sign. Pedestrians would be cautious to cross the street regardless of whether a crosswalk is there or
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