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Google Worksheet - divisions, list each one. Selecting...

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 Setting Goals a. What does your company do? If you work with different product lines, list all of them. Creates flower arrangements, bouquets, customized arrangements, deliveries flowers b. Who’s the primary audience for your products and services? List all of them. Middle aged group who has a need for flowers whether for a funeral, wedding or birthday c. What are you trying to sell or promote? What do you want people to do? Be specific for  each product’s call to action. Flowers and great customer service, Either call or make an order online. Come in to  design the arrangement for the large orders.  d. What kind of results would be best for your company or division? List all of them. Be very  specific; attach measureable results to each one. Recognition, increase sale, target audience, and brand awareness e. What would you consider a good return on your investment? If the ROI differs between 
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Unformatted text preview: divisions, list each one. Selecting Keywords a. What are the key themes for your site and the products or services you want to promote? Special occasions, b. What are the most relevant keywords that describe your site, your products and services? List as many as you can. c. What are synonyms for the keywords you already have listed? Add plurals for each word. d. List all of your brand and product names. e. When you checked your current keywords on Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool, ( ) what else was suggested? Add those which are most relevant. f. When you searched on Google to find related terms, what additional suggestions appear? List all of the most relevant. Target a....
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Google Worksheet - divisions, list each one. Selecting...

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