Bourgois Homework--Getting Dissed

Bourgois Homework--Getting Dissed - Bourgois...

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Bourgois Homework—Getting Dissed. GANTH SECT. 2 1.) According to Bourgois, what is the main reason ( or primary cause) that an informal economy based on selling crack emerged in New York in the 1980s? What is the difference between a formal and an informal economy? One of the major reasons why Puerto Ricans and people of “El Barrio” started selling drugs and the economy was informally based on these drug deals because they felt like they weren’t making enough money in the factories and because of their race they were only making the minimum wage and not given any more opportunities. Due to this lack of money, young adolescents were dropping out of school to start working and they could not take the “insults” so they wanted to make quick easy money and therefore saw it easier to work in the streets. The difference between formal economy and informal economy is that a formal economy is money coming into the society due to legal work, while informal economy is money coming in from illegal work, like drug dealing. 2.) The crack dealers were children of Puerto Rican immigrant parents.
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Bourgois Homework--Getting Dissed - Bourgois...

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