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GCOM Advertisement Analysis I chose to use a Pepsi commercial from the super bowl ads in 2002. This commercial tries to hit anyone, but mainly women, that want to feel cool, young, lively, and irresistible. In the commercial it basically states that no matter what generation you were born in, and no matter how old you are you can still feel as young as before thanks to Pepsi. The commercial uses ethos, pathos, and logos. The ethos used in the commercial was Britney Spears. She was meant to represent a cool, fun, young, lively, and what everyone wants to be and feel like. For pathos they used the theme of feeling young, this is emotionally appealing to all women and it persuades them to get Pepsi so they can feel like this again. In the commercial they used a lot of logos. The logos they used were the Pepsi bottles, Pepsi cups, or anything that says Pepsi. They constantly repeated that everyone can be part of this generation, and repeated the word Pepsi and
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Unformatted text preview: the Joy of Pepsi, as a way to convince and persuade there viewers. Central Route was also used in this commercial. The reason why I think central route was used was because from the start until the end they were continuously stating their main point; to feel young, lively, irresistible, “hip”, etc. They did this to make you feel like you can be young, they showed you times and stages so you feel like no matter what year you were born in you can still b cool, and to make you understand and believe all this. I think that this commercial definitely triggers people’s mentality to feel like this and makes them believe that they can be like this. They managed to do this by stating over and over what you can be like, they caught people’s attention by doing a song, and by having a new, pretty, influential artist to persuade everyone to be like her by drinking Pepsi....
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