Virgin Suicides - Casey Castignetti English 12 Section...

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Casey Castignetti 3/14/07 English 12 Section Alienation and Its Tragic Effects on the Lisbon Sisters "The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffrey Eugenides chronicles the troubled lives of the Lisbon sisters and their eventual suicides. This novel, although an extreme case, demonstrates the negative effects that isolation from society can have on the well-being of an individual. In the case of the Lisbon sisters, their seclusion from the outside environment before and after their sisters suicide leaves their life numbingly meaningless and unhappy. They live their lives as though they are waiting until it’s their turn. At times it seems as though the girls want to be accepted and enjoy their time in social situations, but at other times they reject outreach from the neighborhood boys, the only people who try to help them. The girls make little effort in school to make friends and are seemingly locked in their own world of isolation, both willingly and, at times, unwilli ngly. Instead of coming to the aid of the girls, the people close to them either offer minimal attempts at helping them or unwittingly assist in their imminent deaths. While it is mostly the fault of the Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon for their isolation, it is also the fault of the community for not trying to reach out to the girls in an effective fashion. This isolation, a long with the failure of the girls’ parents, and the meager attempts by the community to r each out to them, not only allows for the girls suicides, but facilitates them. When a pers on is alienated from mass culture and society they slowly lose their value of life that deat h seems like only a small change, and without help from an outside source the person may never be able to return to a normal existence.
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Virgin Suicides - Casey Castignetti English 12 Section...

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