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Casey Castignetti English Section 52 December 12, 2006 Final Draft Final Essay Act 3 Scene 4 Shakespeare’s tragedy of Hamlet is a dark and bloody story filled with deceit, greed, and revenge. It is a story carefully and brilliantly put together that not only entertains and captivates the reader but keeps them guessing about each characters motives as well as their safety. Shakespeare manages to do this by keeping the relationships of the characters partially hidden, revealing only a small piece of their psyche at a time, but never enough to make the next scene predictable. One scene in particular, scene four of act three, provides not only a surprising plot twist, but also answers and raises many questions about several important characters. This scene functions as a catalyst to immediately and immensely change the story as well as illuminate new sides of many characters. Up to this point in the story, Hamlet has been the textbook protagonist. His father was murdered out of greed and perhaps jealousy, his mother has married his fathers murderer, and his girlfriend has given him the cold shoulder. Through all of this Hamlet has acted intelligently and strategically keeping his mind focused only on avenging his fathers death and looking out for his own safety, all without causing harm to innocent bystanders. Everything soon changes with the thrust of a sword. The passionate rage Hamlet demonstrates while he is berating his mother is completely understandable, if not satisfying, but the murder of Polonius takes Hamlet to a whole new level. Hamlet is no
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longer the innocent good guy, but now he is a careless and eager murderer. He who
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Hamlet Essay - Casey Castignetti English Section 52...

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