Film II - Film History and Technology 10/16 Film Industry...

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Film: History and Technology 10/16: Film Industry and Issues Straubhaar and LaRose, Chapter 6, pp.176-186 Wasco, “Understanding the Disney Universe”, pp. 357-367 10/18: Film Issues 10/19: Screening, 5 PM Mickey Mouse’s Monopoly Key Questions What is the impact of consolidation of film studio ownership, production and distribution? How have film genres evolved? How do film formulas affect their content? How did regulation of the film industry affect filmmaking styles? Why do so many actors get elected governor of California? Twentieth Century-Fox Bought by Rupert Murdock’s News Corp. in 1981 Enabled him to start Fox Network Now has Fox News, Fox Network, British Sky Broadcasting Paramount Bought by Viacom in 1993 to launch UPN TV in 1995 Warner Brothers Time-Warner merged in 1989 Merger with AOL 2000, now seen as disastrous Launched WB TV in 1995 UPN and WB merged in 2006 into CW Television Network, co-owned by Viacom and Warner Columbia Pictures and TriStar Purchased by Sony in 1989 Now Under Sony Pictures, along with Sony Pictures Classics Universal Sold to Matsushita of Japan, 1990 Sold to Seagram of Canada, 1997 Sold to Vivendi of France, 2000 Sold to NBC (GE) in 2004 Understanding forms of consolidation Horizontal Integration Own many outlets of one level of an industry Time-Warner Cable has 14% of cable homes Comcast has 28% Vertical Integration Own production and distribution
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All major studios now integrated with broadcast or cable channels Vertical Integration in Hollywood (AOL) Time-Warner as example Magazine publishing Book publishing Film and television production Music (Warner) Cable systems Television network WB network Cable networks CNN, TNT, TCM Internet (AOL) Software (Netscape) Cinema multiplexes Vertical Integration in Hollywood Disney as example Cartoons-animation Theme parks Comics, magazines Film and television production Music Toys, merchandizing Cable networks ABC Television
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Film II - Film History and Technology 10/16 Film Industry...

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