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Keyterms_ 2nd test - Key terms(Telecom Film I/II/III TV...

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Key terms (Telecom, Film I/II/III, TV I/II, Internet I/II, Adv & PR) << TELECOM >> Social impacts of the telephone point-to-point vs one-to-many Natural monopoly of AT&T Universal service Common carrier Modified Final Judgment (1984) RBOCs Characteristics of network architecture Graham Act of 1921 Kingbury Commitment Sherman Antitrust Act Telecom Act of 1996: philosophy of deregulation and its impacts Packet switching affiliates O&O’s must carry rules << FILM I/II/III >> Classical Era of Hollywood Jazz Singer Vertical integration ( across production, distribution and exhibition) Star System Studio System International/ Counter-culture in film (Russian Montage, German Expressionism, Dada/Surrealism) World War II and Film Post-war Cinema (1946–59) International Film Bonanza (Italian neo-realism, Japanese Cinema, Polish/Czech Cinema, French New Wave…) Post-war counter-culture in Film (Film Noir and paranoia, science fiction film/”B” Films, Return to the Avant Garde) In a Lonely Place by Nicholas Ray (1950) “Red Scare” Decline of the Studios (1960’s onward) Post-colonial Cinema (Bollywood in India, African—Algeria, Morocco…—, Middle Eastern Cinema—Iranian…) Blockbusters (70s) Pornography Industry ( Midnight Cowboy , 1969, Deep Throat , 1972) International film in the 70s and 80s (Martial Arts, Latin American Cinema) American Cinema in the 80s FILM INDUSTRY MATTERS
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  • Fall '07
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  • Federal Communications Commission, classical hollywood style, Film Distribution Film, Film Post-war Cinema, International Film Bonanza

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