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INTERNET INDUSTRIES AND ISSUES 11/1 - Internet industries and issues Packet: review Gandy, “Tracking the Audience” 11/2 - screening: - The War Room (on the practice of political PR) 11/10 - TEST 2. KEY ISSUES How has the interconnection of computers and other devices via the Internet changed business, personal life, and media use? What media contents are converging on Web? Which will not? What media are or will be sold or exchanged on Internet? What does Microsoft’s market power imply? Are there dangers to the decentered, uncontrolled nature of the Internet? Are there serious prospects for controlling Internet content? Internet Industry boom, 1995-2000 Wall Street showered money on new media Old media bought and merged with new media companies Most Internet companies failed to make a profit Stocks started to slide Internet companies ran out of money and died bust after 2000 AOL acquired Time Warner in 2000 Struggled to integrate old and new media Conventional media developed Web versions of their products Old media shut down Napster music file(MP3) exchange in 2002 Who is and isn’t on Internet 73% of U.S. adults use the Internet But only 61% of African-Americans 53% of those under $30,000 yearly 40% of those with less than high school education 32% of those over 65 Corporate strategy for Internet Google acquires YouTube MySpace Capturing the social life of teens on the Internet: Powerful but fickle.
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Within several months' time, a site can garner tens of millions of users who, just as quickly, might flock to the next place, making it hard for corporate America to make lasting investments in whatever's hot now. MySpace wildly successful site, amassing 124 million profiles transforming teen life online in its 2 1/2 years of existence. The site functions like a cross between a diary, e-mail program and photo album where content can be shared with friends, whose pictures appear on a member's profile. Social networks fickle to sites
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