INTERNET - INTERNET 10/30 - Internet Straubhaar & LaRose,...

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INTERNET 10/30 - Internet 11/1 - Internet industries and issues Packet: review Gandy, “Tracking the Audience” 10/29 - screening: - The War Room (on the practice of political PR) - Announcements Although the tests aren't cumulative, the students should still be able to identify and apply the main theories that they learned about before the first test (ex. tech & cult determinism, political economy, cultural studies, hegemony, etc.).They will not be directly tested on the individual definition of the theories, but we expect that they will be able to apply them to relevant examples from the material they are learning now. Students will get a list of the theories that they should know in the key term review sheets for the remaining tests. KEY ISSUES How important were military and government funding for developing both computers and the Internet? What are computers good for? For business life? Personal life? How has the interconnection of computers and other devices via the Internet changed business, personal life, and media use? What media contents are converging on Web? Which will not? What media are or will be sold or exchanged on Internet? Shrinking the computer First computers were room size mainframes Tied together users using dumb terminals For science, business, census, Mini computers About the size of
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INTERNET - INTERNET 10/30 - Internet Straubhaar & LaRose,...

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