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Chapter 1 and 2 - Chapter 1 and 2 Introduction I A Early...

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Chapter 1 and 2 Introduction I. Historical Perspective A. Early History. 1. Philosophers. 2. Children viewed as adults. Two Portraits of Girls Two Boys B. The turn of the 20th Century – G. S. Hall—invented developmental psychology. Published a 2-volume book on adolescence. Influenced by Charles Darwin 1. Adolescence as a time of lots of changes. Sturm und Drang (Storm and Stress). -Confused state. -More responsibility, physical changes, changes in relationships with parents, social norms, peer pressure, sexual issues, body image, leaving high school, parental divorce -Childhood stressors too 2. Coleman--focal theory. -Adolescence focuses on one or two stressors at a time, deals with then and moves on -Adolescence is not any more stressful than any other time in life C. Margaret Mead “Cultural Relativism” -Cultures define the meaning of transitions Ex. Jewish people and Bar Mitzvahs D. Ruth Benedict Continuities vs. Discontinuities Continuities- Similarities between childhood and adulthood ROLES Discontinuities - Dissimilarities between childhood and adulthood roles Independent vs. Dependent Fake IDs= Discontinuities
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The greater the number of discontinuities, the greater the difficultness of adolescence transitions How would you minimize the number of discontinuities? E. The Inventionist View. Adolescence is a sociohistorical creation. Adolescence reflects the culture of which it occurs 1. Biology is universal. -Everyone goes through the same biological changes 2. Social changes in: -Social changes create the nature of adolescence a. Change from rural/agricultural to urban/industrial society. Rural/agricultural work with parents/family Urban/industrial independent b. Mandatory schooling. The one room school really did exist. Wasn’t always mandatory. Massachusetts past first law
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Chapter 1 and 2 - Chapter 1 and 2 Introduction I A Early...

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