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Kehew Chapter 14 Reading Objectives 1) What is drainage density, and do more permeable rocks at the surface tend to result in a higher or lower drainage density? Drainage density – Total length of all stream segments divided by the area of the basin More permeable rocks result in a lower drainage density 2) Are severe and frequent floods more closely associated with high drainage density (fine-texture) or low drainage density (coarse-texture)? More closely related to fine texture high drainage density 3) The Chezy and Manning equations are used to calculate what stream parameter?
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Unformatted text preview: Velocity 4) What are river terraces, and how are they formed? Remnants of former floodplains that stand above modern floodplains in stream valleys 5) Besides tectonic uplift/downdropping and changes in base level (both mentioned in class) what is a third factor discussed in the text that can cause a stream to acquire a new equilibrium by eroding or depositing sediment? Climate change Human interaction, increased sediment caused by converting natural areas to agricultural production and urban zones...
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