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30. Humanity_06

30. Humanity_06 - Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the...

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Cenozoic History Objectives 1) When during the last geoyear do the following events occur: a. Hominids break off from the primate line (and where did it happen?) December 31 @ 4:00 AM b. First use of fire (and who was it?) 8:20 PM, Homo Erectus c. The first Homo Sapiens 24 minutes before midnight d. First humans in the Americas 5 minutes before midnight e. First fortified city 1 minute before midnight f.
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Unformatted text preview: Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas 3 seconds before midnight g. Galileo’s discoveries 2 seconds before midnight h. The age of the average freshman students .14 seconds before midnight 2) Physically speaking, is it more likely that humans evolved by recapitulation, or neotony? Neotony Know greenhouse effect from ozone? Know population growth, J curve?...
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