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21. Life objectives_06 - Habitat – Area where an...

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BIOSPHERE OBJECTIVES 1) How high does the biosphere go up into the air, and how low does it go into the ground? Deepest life is 3 km down Highest life is 41 km up 2) What is the best modern definition for “life”? It is a sufficient condition for matter to be called life if it has self-reproduction at same level, and stores information which is preserved by natural selection. 3) What are the definitions of the following terms: species, population, biota (biotic community), habitat, ecosystem? Species – Any group of potentially interbreeding individuals that produce viable offspring Population – Members of a species that live within a given area (in communication and capable of interbreeding) Biota – Assemblage of living entities (plant, animals, microbes) Ecosystem – Group of organisms (Biotic community) interacting with its non biological surroundings and properties in a manner that perpetuates the grouping. Self sustaining part of the ecosphere
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Unformatted text preview: Habitat – Area where an individual, a species, or a population exists or can exist 4) Know the main trophic levels in a biotic community (biotic structure) and their subdivisions. There are two main types, and each of these can be further subdivided. 5) Know the main difference between a food chain and a food web. Food chain – linear pathway by which energy and matter is transferred in an ecosystem from organism to organism by feeding 6) Approximately what percent of the biomass of one trophic level is passed on to the next trophic level? 10% 7) What are the principle differences between a pioneer community and a climax community? Pioneer Vs. Climax Pioneer community organisms focus on through put of energy and resources-Dominated by annual plants-Shallow roots and lots of seeds Climax community organisms focus on energy budgets and recycling of resources.- Dominated by perennial plants...
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21. Life objectives_06 - Habitat – Area where an...

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