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1. After examining the area of Clear Creek at Golden I would say that it is almost suitable if not somewhat suitable for brown trout. All of the factors needed for trout exist in our area of Clear Creek, but some things are a bit to low. To start, at this time of the year the stream is a bit too cold. It is within the range of the trout but near the bottom. The next factor that makes the Clear Creek at Golden a less than ideal place to support trout is the amount of food available. At this time of the year there is only a small amount of insects that would be needed to support a trout population. In the end, the stream appears able to support brown trout as long as the temperature doesn’t drop and the number of insects rises. 2. Recently I was able to spend a day at the section of Clear Creek in Golden. I spent the day evaluating the stream on the suitability for brown trout. At the moment it appears that Clear Creek is suitable for a small population of brown trout, at least with the data from this point in the year. After hearing both sides of the argument for the
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