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RR Language is a big part of communication in every day life; it takes the form of speaking, writing, and comprehending. In the articles by Fan Shen and Lisa Delpit, both authors talk about the English language in different perspectives. Shen talks about her experience and struggle with writing in English, and Delpit talks about her views on the importance of the ability of speaking. Shen mentions “I had to learn to accept the word ‘I’ and ‘self’ as sometning glorious, or at least something not to be ashamed of or embarrassed about” (585). I can relate to almost everything Shen mentioned because I came from the same background as her, and to be able to write in two languages and then adjusting from one
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Unformatted text preview: another can be very difficult and clashing sometimes, because different rules apply. Delpit on the other hand, brings up an important point, which is that “children whose language is considered defective are themselves viewed as defective” (41). I find this very true because English was my second language, and in elementary school I had low self-esteem because I couldn’t speak English very well. Moreover, language plays such an important role that every part of it has its own distinctive part in society. Essay two proposal: Frats and soro and underage drinking Dining hall food wasted...
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