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prelab 5 - Organic Chemistry Lab Pre-Lab #5-Column...

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Organic Chemistry Lab Pre-Lab #5—Column Chromatography 1. get a Williamson microscale column with a plastic funnel and stopcock 2. fill about 2/3 full with alumina (poured from a 10mL Erlenmeyer flask) 3. put the column in a buret clamp in fume hood, close the valve 4. pour hexane into column until the liquid level reaches the top 5. add about 8mL hexane, then quickly pour the entire slurry into the funnel at the top of the column 6. put the flask that had the alumina in it under the column, and open the valve and drain out some of the hexane 7. don’t let the level of hexane drop beneath the top of the alumina, if a lot of alumina is left in the flask, close the valve, add more hexane, and finish transferring the alumina 8. open the valve, drain enough hexane into the empty flask unitl the liquid is about 5mm above the top of the alumina (don’t ever let the level of liquid fall below the top of the alumina) 9. weigh a clean, dry 10mL Erlenmeyer flask, record mass in lab book 10. get .090g of the 1:1 ferrocene/acetylferrocene mixture
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course CH 112 taught by Professor Kelly during the Spring '07 term at BC.

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prelab 5 - Organic Chemistry Lab Pre-Lab #5-Column...

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