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Jody Lewin Lab Partner: Juliana Petritis Lab TA: Laxman Mainali Lab 3 - Ohm’s Law 15 February 2008 Ohm’s Law Relevant Formulas: 1. V = IR 2. R series = R 1 + R 2 3. 1 = 1 + 1 . R parallel R 1 R 2 1. The current (I) is proportional to the potential difference (V) in Ohm’s Law. Resistance is measured in ohms: 1 Ohm = 1 Volt / Amp = 1 Ω. 2. Resistance in series is the sum of the resistors in the circuit. 3. Resistance in parallel is the reciprocal of each resistor summed up. Procedure: Connect the two multi meters with the resistor and power supply making it so that the multi meter measuring voltage is parallel to the resistor and the other is in series with the resistor to measure current. Current is measured on the 20mA scale and voltage is measured on the 20 volt scale. Measure 5 or more different voltage-current values and plot them on a graph. Find the line of best fit which is equal to the resistance. For the resistor used, look at the color on the band and determine the resistance using the Resistor Codes. See if they match.
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