Alienation and Literature

Alienation and Literature - Johnson1 Jasmine Johnson Dr....

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Johnson1 Jasmine Johnson Dr. Fegley English 1102 March 25, 2008 Alienation and Literature Alienation is a characteristic of the world of the past, present, and future. Some people choose to alienate themselves. However, some people are bound to a life of alienation by others around them. Alienation is a key aspect of several of the stories from the fiction segment of the course. One story where the main character has a strong sense of alienation is “Barn Burning.” In “Barn Burning” Sarty feels alienated. Although he is a young boy he would like to feel a sense of belonging. Sarty is ten years old, but out of those ten years his life has been filled with constant moving. We realize this when he says “He did not know where they were going. None of them ever did or asked, because it always somewhere, always a house of sorts waiting for them…” This quote describes how Sarty’s family has been alienated from the world. For ten years all Sarty can really remember of his home is that he has moved twelve times. It is in the last two paragraphs that Sarty’s final sense of alienation is confirmed. As Sarty begins to walk he realizes
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Alienation and Literature - Johnson1 Jasmine Johnson Dr....

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