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Ms. Moore English 1A 04 December 2007 Beginning in the 1960’s, the U.S. took a quick turn and turned down the path the urbanization. By the 1990’s, “…the amount of developed land in all U.S metropolitan areas more than doubles- while population grew by less than 50 percent.” (Terris 257). As more and more Americans move towards the idea of suburban sprawl, the controversy between its positive and negative impacts appears to our generation today as a common debate. Jutka Terris, a policy analyst for the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C. and national field director for 20/20 Vision, rejects the idea of suburban sprawling. Terris says “roads and sprawling neighborhoods are replacing pristine wildlife habitats at an alarming pace, putting survival and reproduction of plants and animals at risk.” (1). According to Terris, the building of these “roads and sprawling neighborhoods,” are leading to the habitat fragmentation. Habitat fragmentation occurs when a variety of different species in one population divides into small groups, removing the genetic diversity that was accessible. In some cases, “fragmentation of habitat may also separate a species from its feeding or breeding ground.” (12) Terris mentions, among the species affected by habitat fragmentation are the Florida panthers. When roads were built, the environment that the panthers once lived on split their diverse pool into multiple groups. Over time, the fragmentation “result[ed] in
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position - Ms. Moore English 1A 04 December 2007 Beginning...

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