Event essay - English 1A Ms Moore 06 December 2007(original...

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English 1A Ms. Moore 06 December 2007 (original 10-5-07) Final essay Every teenager dreams about the day he or she can finally get into a car and disconnect from their parent’s watchful eyes. They hope for the day to come when they no longer need to call their parents in order to get a ride to go somewhere with their friends. Although we have to wait till we’re sixteen, some of us let our curiosity get the best of us. When I got into the car, I thought it was just going to be another short routine joy ride. By the end of that day, it became the day that haunts me as the most regrettable moment in my life thus far. After college, my cousin went to China periodically to work for my uncle. During that time he would leave his fancied up Acura TSX at our house so someone could look after it. I remember coming home from school and hopping into the car just to feel how nice it was. I used to dream about someday driving a car like that. Then one day, during the middle of September when school got out, my mom told me that she would be coming home late from work that night. That instant I knew that it was my chance to take the car out for a ride. As I walked into the garage I felt butterflies creeping up my stomach and a epic battle in my head debating whether I should go along with this plan. My hands began to sweat as my conscience kept telling me “this is wrong, this is not you.” Unfortunately for me, my heart did not listen and before I realized it I had gotten into the car and started the engine.
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As the engine ignited I felt excited about finally driving a car. I touched the soft
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Event essay - English 1A Ms Moore 06 December 2007(original...

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