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assingment 4 - Accordingly blue light is reflected back to...

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Ryan Montour PSY 110: Assignment 4 1: What are the three principle cellular components of blood? There are red and white blood cells, along with blood plasma. What is the function of each of these cell groups? Plasma consists of mostly 92% water and helps stabilize the body and maintain a constant temperature. Red blood cells carry the oxygen where ever necessary, and return back into the pulmonary circuit. White blood cells fight infections and other foreign objects. 2: Why does blood appear “red” in color? Why do veins appear “blue” in color? A vein looks blue because red light travels far enough into the skin to be absorbed by the blood in the vein.
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Unformatted text preview: Accordingly, blue light is reflected back to us from the skin and red light is not. 3: a. Describe the “pulmonary circuit” in blood flow Blood that is high in carbon dioxide and low in oxygen flows from the right heart to the lungs. In the capillaries of the lungs, blood takes on oxygen and offloads carbon dioxide. Oxygenated blood then flows from the lungs to the left heart. b. What is the principle function of the “pulmonary circuit”? The primarily functions are to transport oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues and to bring deoxygenated blood back into the heart and lungs....
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