Exam 4 Review - Biology 3 Revision notes for Final Exam....

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Biology 3 Revision notes for Final Exam. Fall 07 The Final is comprehensive. Approx one half of the multichoice questions will be on material covered in lecture since Test 3 The remainder of the m/c questions will be on work covered in the earlier part of the semester. Expect 100 questions Ch 50 Intro to Ecology. Make sure you know the definitions of population, community, ecosystem and biosphere. Know about distribution, dispersal, transplants and introduced species. Biotic and abiotic factors affecting distrib of organisms. Understand about input of solar energy, and air and water circulation, and how they affect regional climates (Figs 50.10). Get latitudinal belts of temp and rainfall- know approx latitudes where these occur. Understand the rain shadow effect and the effects of altitude. Know biomes (definition) and what are the six terrestrial biomes we discussed in class (Fig 50.20). Deserts - know approx mean annual temp and rainfall and where they occur. Know types of adaptations plants and animals have to be able to survive in desert conditions. Savannas Chaparral and grassland - Again know climate, characteristic plants and animals and locations. Forests (a) evergreen ie tropical rain forest . Know about its climate, productivity and incredible species diversity. Most of the nutrients are rapidly recycled through the living organisms- decomposition occurs very quicky here (warm temps and lots of rain), and nutrients are re-assimilated into living organisms very quickly. Therefore the soil is quite poor. Know how trop. rainforest is threatened by exploitation- conversion to farmland
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Exam 4 Review - Biology 3 Revision notes for Final Exam....

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