Exam 1 Review - Biology 3 Lecture outline and notes for...

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Biology 3 Lecture outline and notes for test 1. Fall 2007 Use these notes as a study OUTLINE- you need to use your lecture notes and text to provide details of the subjects outlined below. Ch 22. Know briefly the points of view of some of the scientists who predated Darwin- Cuvier, catastrophism; Hutton, gradualism; Lyell, uniformitarianism; Lamarck, inheritance of acquired characters. The work of Charles Darwin (who lived 1809-1882) was the culmination of years of travel and observation of fossils, plants and animals on diff continents and oceanic islands. He realized (a) there was considerable evidence that the earth was old, (b) that different geog locations were home to different plants and animals, and (c) that some plants and animals that were represented in the fossil record were not still alive, and vice versa. He reasoned that prevailing thoughts about the origin of living organisms were incorrect. From his observations, and with a consideration of the work of T Malthus (population growth and resource limitation), Darwin formulated his Theory of Evolution, and described the mechanism of natural selection . Darwin wrote that individuals with superior physical or behav. traits are most likely to survive to produce offspring so their attributes (genetic traits) would be passed to future generation. This is known as “survival of the fittest Favorable (adaptive) traits will increase in population so population will gradually change. Remember- populations evolve, individuals do not evolve. Evidence for genetic change with time. Present day examples of the development of insects resistance to insecticide, bacteria resistant to antibiotics, Understand what homology is, and know examples. Ch 23. Know the origin of genetic variation- sexual reprod gives variation because of
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Exam 1 Review - Biology 3 Lecture outline and notes for...

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