Exam 4 Notes - REVISION NOTES TEST 3. Bio 3 (Fall 07)...

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REVISION NOTES TEST 3. Bio 3 (Fall 07 ) Animal kingdom . Multicellular, heterotrophic, ingestive etc. Conventionally classified according to type of symmetry, body plan, developmental pattern, body cavity etc. Know diff betw all of these- protostomates and deuterostomates know diff between diploblastic, triploblastic; acoelomate, pseudocoelomate and coelomate, invertebrate and vertebrate. Know about metamorphosis Use Fig 32.10/11. Know points of agreement (p 633) between the 2 different phylogetic trees. We covered only the following phyla- Know characteristics of these Protostome phyla: Porifera ( sponges- cellular, rather than tissue level of organization, asymmetry), Cnideria (eg jellyfish, sea anemones- diploblastic, radial sym, aceolomate), Platyhelminths (flatworms) triplobl, bilat symm, cephalization, aceolomate eg tapeworms and flukes Mollusca -calcified protection. Have mantle, foot, radula for chewing (all exclusively molluscan characteristics). Some (gastropods) have torsion. eg of mollusks are snails, squids. Annelida (segmented worms eg earthworms) coelomate, complete gut, circulatory system etc. advantages of being segmented Nematoda (round worms) pseudocoelomate, complete digestive tract w mouth and anus, tough cuticle. Arthropoda w exoskeleton (made of chitin) great for waterproofing, locomotion and support, and protection , know advantages and disadvantages of exoskeleton. Know uses of jointed appendages. eg in this phylum are Arachnids (spiders and scorpions): Insects - have wings, take advantage of land (& air) could be v successful: Crustacea-aquatic Know these Deuterostome phyla. Echinodermata
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Exam 4 Notes - REVISION NOTES TEST 3. Bio 3 (Fall 07)...

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