Nuer Gar Ceremony

Nuer Gar Ceremony - Kayleigh Gates ANTH 2100-113 Professor...

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Kayleigh Gates ANTH 2100-113 Professor Jones October 8, 2007 Functionalist and Structural Functionalist Views: The Nuer Gar Ceremony As two of the defining theories in modern cultural anthropological studies, Bronislaw Malinowski’s functionalism and A.R. Radcliffe-Brown’s structural functionalism appear to be incredibly similar. Although functionalism and it’s theoretical offspring, structural functionalism appear to have similar ethnographic purpose they are quite different. Where functionalist views emphasize the individual, the structural side incorporates not only a larger worldview, but also an emphasis on the development of institutions to reinforce preferred social systems. The Nuer Gar ceremony provides the perfect backdrop for a comparison of the theories of Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown. The ceremony is a necessary and painful rite of passage for Nuer boys into manhood. The carefully planned incisions and the pool of blood left in the earth by the boys lead to a period of seclusion for the wounds to heal. The remaining scarification provides the evidence of the ordeal.
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Nuer Gar Ceremony - Kayleigh Gates ANTH 2100-113 Professor...

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