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In “Deep Play: Notes on a Balinese Cockfight,” Geertz uses thick description to analylze Balinese cockfighting. Through semiotics (the study of symbols) and including hermenutical analysis (inferences and analyses throught texts) Geertz studied culture. In interpretive anthropology/thick description, culture is like an onion, you can interpret the layers but never get to the core. Geertz uses both etic and emic approaches. Etic in that he analyzes the symbol of the ‘cock’ from an outsiders perspective. The observations of status and masculinity are part of that. For an emic perspective he uses an insider’s perspective to explain the motivations and cultural implication of this event. The cockfight and deep play involved is not just about a game it’s about trying to recapture a sense of power, status, and social capital that had been taken away from them. In this way, Geertz is sure to analyze the ethos of the Balinese cockfighters. The ethos aspect contributes to the emic aspect by including the character, tone, aesthetics, and style of their culture. Geertz
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