GlobalTaiwan - 12/09/07 ANTH 2100 Framing the Bride:...

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12/09/07 ANTH 2100 Framing the Bride: Globalization and Culture in Taiwan For the women of Taiwan the wedding is the keystone of her social life. It is an opportunity to increase social and often economic capital. But in this bridal industry money is exchanged not for goods and services but for romance. In Taiwan, western ideals of romance are bought and sold as a commodity. For the brides in Taiwan, traditional ceremonies and dress became socially unappealing. The impact of American and Western European media has made white weddings pop culture. The presence of American economy and media has served to exponentially increase the glamour and appeal of all things American. With such a huge American/European influence in the media, bridal magazines began to attract customers with contemporary wedding themes and images. Brides religiously consult these bridal magazines for fashion and desired appearance, not for ritual or tradition. These magazines work much like American magazines, to peddle the nearly unattainable ideal. If a bride could have the economic and social connections to look like the women in the magazines and have the type of ceremonies and banquets as deemed desirable she would in fact directly increase her wealth and power within her social circle. This is readily displayed in many of the bridal albums that portray the
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GlobalTaiwan - 12/09/07 ANTH 2100 Framing the Bride:...

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