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Tim Thyne English 111.03 C. Evans 9/14/06 “Who’s Your Daddy?” I was eight, and I was losing my father. The blood clot would either pass into his brain or explode. I did not understand then, but that clot changed my life forever. He burst through the door with groceries in his hands. Immediately, all five children ran to his arms for hugs and kisses. His whiskers always tickled my face. My dad had been gone for three days, however, in my five-year-old mind it had been weeks. We all got hugs and then went to the living room to tell him about all the things that went on while he was gone. Because I was the youngest, I got to sit on dad’s lap as he told us stories and made us laugh. After bath time, we would fit into footed pajamas and I would lie on his stomach as he watched the news. He would gently move his fingers tips up and down my back, relieving all the anticipation I had from awaiting his arrival. I was at peace with the world and I could not help but slip into a gentle sleep. We lived in a small ranch house in Montgomery, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles outside of Chicago. The green carpet was old and coming apart, so much that we would tie each other up with strands of carpet. We did not receive toys often, so we usually played with whatever imaginary toy we could think up. A stick easily became a sword or a staff. No matter where we were, be it a block away, we always knew when play-time was over by our mother’s distinct dinner call made from the patio. “Carla, Terri, Charlie, Melissa, Timothy,” her voice rang out, always oldest to youngest.
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Thyne - 2 “When will dad be home?” That was always the first thing anybody asked after the dinner prayer. “Soon,” mother would reply. My dad was working as the co-founder
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English 11103 - Essay 1 - Tim Thyne English 111.03 C...

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